Shane Berryhill promotes literacy with his first ACX title

We wanted to draw the attention of all ACX fans and listeners to Shane Berryhill’s excellent YA title, Chance Fortune and the Outlaws: Adventures of Chance Fortune. The story of a 14-year-old boy determined to become a superhero, this first title in the Chance Fortune series was just produced via ACX. It is performed by the terrific Nick Sullivan and available for purchase here.

If you need another reason to check out this audiobook, we have one! Berryhill is donating any 2012 proceeds from the sale of the Chance Fortune audiobook to the Read 20 program. Since 2006, Read 20 has distributed over 65,000 books, interacted with over 43,000 children, confirmed at least 23,000 adults reading with children every day, and provided resources and training for over 1,200 teachers in public schools and day cares. As Berryhill explains, “Early in my writing career, Read 20 was kind enough to invite me to be a part of one of their inaugural events. They promote a cause I believe in wholeheartedly—young people reading fiction, and reading it a lot.”

Berryhill is also a huge audiobook fan who credits Kathy Bates’s performance of Stephen King’s Desperation for inspiring his writing career. “A well-produced audiobook can be just as–and potentially even more–engaging than a novel in print,” he says. Look for future Berryhill titles produced via ACX in the near future–the author tells us Nick Sullivan will begin working on volume 2 of Chance Fortune, Chance Fortune in the Shadowzone, shortly.

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