Aaron Paul Lazar on the nuts and bolts of ACX for authors

Mystery writer Aaron Paul Lazar (the Gus LeGarde series) currently has five books in production on ACX, and has just posted part I of a piece on his experience with the service. It’s great to get such positive feedback, especially if it helps draw other rights holders to the site and get more audiobooks made! If you’re an author or a publisher who’s considering using ACX, you should definitely check out his post here. Below we’ve excerpted a few of our favorite bits.

On Aaron’s longstanding desire for audio versions of his books:

“The dream of getting my books into audio books didn’t die, it just simmered under the surface for a little while, until a good friend gave me a tip. Her Simon & Schuster book was going to audio book format through a company called ACX, part of Audible, which is owned by Amazon.
Excited, I started to investigate. ACX is a wonderful site where authors, producers, and actors can network and pair up. The nicest part of this is one available option called “Royalty Share” where the narrators/actors/producers and authors to do the recording work up front, put no money down, and then share the royalties when the sales start coming in. Of course you can also simply hire a narrator and his studio to do the recordings, and keep your share of the royalties for yourself, if you want.”
On getting his titles listed on ACX:
“I was surprised that Twilight Times Books wasn’t on the list (lots of companies weren’t, since this is a new program and they are still growing their lists), but didn’t let that stop me. I knew my publisher was highly-regarded in the industry, that she’d been interviewed by Publisher’s Weekly, and that our company was a member in good standing of Mystery Writers of America (MWA) and International Thriller Writers. These credentials were legit and impressive.
I was able to chat with Nicole O., one of the ACX customer support folks, who was extremely helpful. We talked on the phone several times about my publisher and my books, and I provided all the information needed. After a while, the books were listed on the site for actors to listen to and (hopefully) submit auditions. Of course, I had to upload all the details about the work – number of pages, genre, synopsis, and a short excerpt for the actors to use in their audition.”
On making mistakes in the process:
“Just recently, I received notification from ACX that some of the chapters were missing or repeated. Both Erik and I had missed the uploading errors. But thankfully, the Quality group at ACX does a screening up front, and the errors were quickly corrected.”
We’re thrilled writers like Aaron are embracing ACX, and encourage other rights holders whose titles are unavailable in audio to visit acx.com today.

One response to “Aaron Paul Lazar on the nuts and bolts of ACX for authors

  1. Thanks for linking to my article, folks. I’m having a ball with ACX. I have sixteen books and hope for all of them and future titles to come alive through our great narrators like Tom F., Erik S, and Schia C.

    I’ll be writing part 2 in a week or two – hope to have lots of tips for writers who are searching for “just the right” narrator, as well as ideas on marketing the new audio books.

    Happy Holidays to all!

    Aaron Lazar

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