A new life in audio for “They Have Killed Papa Dead!”

As excited as we are that the volume of titles posted on ACX continues to grow so quickly, it is also satisfying when we have an opportunity to underscore the high quality of the titles listed on our service. One title recently produced on ACX and now available for purchase at Audible is Anthony Pitch‘s “They Have Killed Papa Dead!” This terrific narrative, a critically acclaimed account of the Lincoln conspiracy and its aftermath, has gained a fresh relevance thanks to Bill O’Reilly‘s bestselling “Killing Lincoln.” In fact, the Christian Science Monitor named “They Have Killed Papa Dead!” its number one recommendation in a list of five histories readers might want to pick up instead of O’Reilly’s retelling. We’re thrilled to have produced this wonderful title, and we’re also happy to be bringing high-quality books like these to audio every day!

Check out more great praise for “They Have Killed Papa Dead!” below. Narrated by Milton Bagby, this is a great download for all those audiobook listeners interested in Lincoln and the Civil War.

“If not the definitive story of the assassination and the events before and after, then the one that readers should turn to first.”— Chicago Sun-Times

“A study of burning focus and intimate depth.” — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Anthony S. Pitch’s “They Have Killed Papa Dead!” is a special book that will surely serve as a benchmark in the vast Lincoln-related lore. . . . Pitch’s book is riveting because of exquisitely detailed research, a fast-paced narrative that is evocative in depicting the personalities and places central to understanding Booth’s original plan to kidnap the president. . . The reader is kept so close to the details of the events described as to feel more like a close observer than an armchair reader 145 years later. . . . Pitch’s masterful and highly readable account is a significant addition to the vast Lincoln record and a fascinating introduction for the lay reader to the complexities of this searing chapter in American history.” — H-Net Reviews

“This is an intense, vivid and moving portrayal of a family (and a country) brutally deprived of its leader.” — Chicago Tribune

“This is history as it should be written – compelling, gritty and up close & personal.” – David Lee Poremba, The Past In Review

Papa delves into the fevered world of John Wilkes Booth. Possessing the looks of a matinee idol, Lincoln’s assassin exerted a Charles Manson-like grip on his co-conspirators. Papa races along through the manhunt, the trials, the executions. A treat for the Lincoln fanatic.” — USA Today 

“A meticulously researched narrative of the Lincoln assassination, from the conspiracy and murder through the ensuing manhunt and trial. . . . Pitch turns the tragedy into a great American true-crime story.” — Entertainment Weekly

“Pitch’s energetic narrative will be highly popular.” — Booklist
“No reader will come away unmoved, even at this distance, by anguish about [Lincoln’s assassination]. . . . a real page-turner about real history.” — Publishers Weekly

“Aches with sadness and pulses with page-turning excitement . . . a perfect storm of a book.” – Harold Holzer, co-chair, U.S. Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission and winner of a Lincoln Prize 

“So well written and researched that it will add greatly to our knowledge of Lincolniana.” – Dr. Wayne Temple, Deputy Director of the Illinois State Archives and author of many books on Lincoln

“What, another book on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln? What more can be said about the regicide of our greatest President? Actually, Anthony Pitch’s beautifully written narrative stands on its own as a splendid contribution to the subject. It is told by an author who has an intimate knowledge of all the sites related to the assassination and the trials that followed.”     – Frank J. Williams, Chief Justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court and founding Chair of The Lincoln Forum

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