December update for ACX producers

We hope you’re having a productive end-of-year on ACX. We want to remind everyone that our special Stipend Offer has been expanded and extended through the end of the year, and includes many terrific titles across different genres, so please check out the whole list here. December and January are THE BIGGEST months for audiobook sales, so audition now to increase the likelihood your audiobook will be on sale for the holiday season. We want to get as many audiobooks as possible done by year end!

Want upfront payment? We also have a bunch of great, newly posted pay-for-production deals on ACX, so check those out too. Use the “project rate” filter to see only the pay-for-production titles.

As always, we’re here to answer questions and provide support. Please let us know if you’ve got an audiobook in production that’s moving too slowly or if you’re waiting to get approvals from a rights holder. We can help!  Call 1-888-396-6347 or email (or for production-related questions use

A big thank you, too, for continued feedback. Knowing your thoughts and concerns helps us to prioritize new features to ACX. Thanks for helping us get more audiobooks into the world!

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