Laura Miller interviews Neil Gaiman about Neil Gaiman Presents

In case you missed this great coverage of Neil Gaiman Presents in Salon just before the holiday, here it is.

Neil Gaiman Presents, a line of audiobooks personally selected by Gaiman and then produced through ACX, launched last month with sixteen titles, five of which are already available at

From Laura Miller‘s piece:

“Most omnivorous audiobook consumers have been frustrated by the relatively limited selection of available books (especially if you’re looking for something besides best sellers). Neil Gaiman Presents is part of a larger enterprise by, called ACX (for Audiobook Creation Exchange). It aims to bring new titles to the public by hosting a service through which authors (and other rights holders) can connect with professional narrators.

“The short-term reason I got involved with ACX,” Gaiman told me, “is that there are books I love that I want to bring to the world. The long-term reason I signed up is because I want to live in a world where every book that exists has a great audiobook.” I telephoned him to find out more about Neil Gaiman Presents and why it’s been so difficult to get a wider variety of audiobooks to the ears of America’s readers.”

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