Stipend Offers: Now Extended through November 21st

In case you missed our announcements on Facebook and Twitter, we’re happy to report that we’ve extended our special Stipend Offer for all ACX narrators and producers through November 21. We’ve got a fantastic assortment of titles from which to choose, so we encourage you to peruse the list and audition for eligible titles that interest you.

Again, for producers on ACX, accepting a Royalty Share offer on any of the numerous stipend-eligible titles — click here to see all of them (note: you must be logged in to ACX as a Producer to view them)–comes with an extra $100 per-finished-hour stipend (e.g. $1,200 for a 12-hour audiobook) up to $2500 maximum per book. The stipend is, of course, in addition to the Royalties and Bounties you earn on sales of the audiobook. It is paid to you when the Rights Holder approves your audiobook production (and ACX double-checks it).

You can now get this $100 per-finished-hour Stipend Offer on up to five productions, so don’t be afraid to cast a wide net–and good luck!

One response to “Stipend Offers: Now Extended through November 21st

  1. Hi! I see my two titles (Mazurka and FireSong) on the list linked to in the first paragraph, but my producer (who already auditioned and I accepted them) can’t find it. Can we determine if these two titles are officially on the stipend list? Thank you! Aaron Paul Lazar

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