Pay-for-production titles in search of producers… now!

Dear Narrators and Producers,

Below are links to 18 pay-for-production titles.  These rights holders are very eager to hear auditions and hire narrators in the coming days!  So check them out and impress them with your audition(s).  There’s something for everyone–from a supernatural thriller coauthored by Kim Harrison, to three novels in a vampire romance series, to a couple of thrillers set in Thailand. Good luck!

Seeking Female Narrator:

Not Lost Forever: My Story of Survival, by Carmina Salcido (Biography/Memoir)

Sins of a Wicked Duke, by Sophie Jordan (Romance)

Three Nights of Sin, by Anne Mallory (Romance)

To Wed a Wicked Earl, by Olivia Parker (Romance)

What the Duke Desires, by Jenna Petersen (Romance)

Dangerous Passion, by Lisa Marie Rice (Romance)

Night of the Huntress, by Kathryn Smith (Romance)

Let the Night Begin, by Kathryn Smith (Romance)

Night After Night, by Kathryn Smith (Romance)

Hotter than Hell, edited by Kim Harrison (Science-Fiction/Fantasy)

Night’s Cold Kiss, by Tracey O’Hara (Science-Fiction/Fantasy)

The Healing Wars, Book I: The Shifter, by Janice Hardy (Young Adult)

Rampant, by Diana Peterfreund (Young Adult)

Ascendant, by Diana Peterfreund (Young Adult)

Seeking Male Narrator:

A Nail Through the Heart: A Novel of Bangkok, by Timothy Hallinan (Mystery/Thriller)

The Fourth Watcher: A Bangkok Thriller, by Timothy Hallinan (Mystery/Thriller)

Seeking Male or Female Narrator:

Unbound, by Kim Harrison, Melissa Marr, Jeanieane Frost, Vicki Pettersson and Jocelynn Drake (Science-Fiction/Fantasy)

The Healing Wars, Book II: Blue Fire,  by Janice Hardy (Young Adult)

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