Attention narrators and producers!

We know it can be daunting to sort through all of the titles posted on ACX to figure out which ones to target for auditions (and we know there are plenty of narrators and producers out there who are busy auditioning for numerous titles!) Today we’d like to direct your attention to these quality titles posted by Levine Greenberg Literary Agency as well as Oceanview Publishing (all of which should be especially attractive if you enjoy mysteries and thrillers). These rights holders are eager to make audiobooks, and are looking for some great auditions! Click on the links below for more information on these titles.

Blood Island, H. Terrell Griffin

Pocket-47, Jude Hardin

And Then There Was One, Patricia Gussin

Fatal February, Barbara Levenson

August Moon, Jess Lourey

June Bug, Jess Lourey

Knee High by the Fourth of July, Jess Lourey

May Day, Jess Lourey

October Fest, Jess Lourey

September Fair, Jess Lourey

The Charlestown Connection, Tom MacDonald

Identity: Lost, Pascal Marco

Rupture, A. Scott Pearson

Conspiracy of Silence, Martha Powers

The Fallen, Mark Terry

One response to “Attention narrators and producers!

  1. I dunno about everybody else, however I’m a top narrator and have been auditioning my brains out to no avail. Sure I know it’s a numbers game yet hey there comes a point when it gets frustrating. How about the buyers (authors publishers etc) doing more searches for narrators and then requesting those they want to read on their projects. After review of my demos, please let me know if my sound fits with the projects you usually work on.
    Here’s a list of books I’ve narrated:
    The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane (McGraw Hill)
    Taming The Beloved Beast by Daniel Callahan (available on now) ( Publishers)
    The Auto-Biography Of Malcolm X Full House Productions Oxford University Press
    The Auto-Biography Of Spike Lee Full House Productions Cambridge University Press
    ESL Learning: The Basics (levels 1-20)ESL projects for Pearson Education, Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press.
    ESL/FTL Audio Books McGraw-Hill Macmillan
    Professional references: Paul Reuben (Paul Reuben Productions)
    Phil Lee (Fullhouse Productions 212-245-2228)
    Eileen Stevens (narrator at
    State:New York
    City: New York
    Web site link:


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