Weekly update: new titles, new producers and new rights holders

ACX is here to get more audiobooks made, and on that front, progress proceeds apace. Good news for producers: well over 50 titles were posted last week, including titles by Clive Barker, Al Sarrantonio, Tom Piccirrilli and Elizabeth Massie, and we’re thrilled to welcome new users Bliss Plot Press, Career Press and Crossroad Press. Good news for rights holders: there are now  over 1,000 talented audiobook producers on ACX to help you get your book made. There is also much off-the-grid licensing activity, with several different audio publishers expressing interest in multiple titles–we can share more on this exciting news for rights holders shortly.

As usual, below we’re highlighting a selection of recently posted titles, both pay-for-production and royalty share.

The Adventures of Mr. Maximillian Bacchus and His Travelling Circus, Clive Barker

Fixing My Gaze, Susan R. Barry

Mawson’s Will, Lennard Bickel

UFOs and the National Security State, Richard M. Dolan, Jacques F. Vallee

Work At Home Now, Christine Durst, Michael Haaren

7,000 Clams, Lee Irby

6 Habits of Highly Effective Bosses, Stephen E. Kohn

Phantom Universe, Laura Kreitzer

Wire Mesh Mothers, Elizabeth Massie

The Fever Kill, Tom Piccirilli

The Agency, Frank Rose

Sebastian of Mars, Al Sarrantonio

Skeletons, Al Sarrantonio

Harry, Revised, Mark Sarvas

The Prodigy, Amy Wallace

Much more to come soon, as many of our initial titles will be hitting stores soon. In the meantime, please check back frequently and also remember to check us out on Facebook and Twitter!

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