New titles on ACX every day

We’re adding many new titles to ACX every day (and continuing to welcome new rights holders). Below is a sampling of great fiction and nonfiction titles added in the past couple of weeks, now ready to be turned into audiobooks; some are royalty-share and some are pay-for-production. Welcome to new ACX users (including Island Press and Oceanview Publishing) and thank you to all of those rights holders who continue to come back and post new titles! Please keep them coming! 

In the Words of Our Enemies, Jed Babbin

Sicily, Sandra Benjamin

Fifty Candles, Earl Derr Biggers

Raising Happiness, Christine Carter

Kissing the Limitless, T. Thorn Coyle

The Silent, Jack Dann

Shadows in the Sun, Wade Davis

The Wolf’s Tooth, Cristina Eisenberg

I Am an Emotional Creature, Eve Ensler

Lincoln and Whitman, Daniel Mark Epstein

To Win and Die in Dixie, Steve Eubanks

Complicity, Anne Farrow, Joel Lang, Jenifer Frank

Killer in the Woods, R. Barri Flowers

Wall of Silence, Rosemary Gibson, Janardan Prasad Singh

Bottled and Sold, Peter H. Gleick

Unquenchable, Robert Glennon

The Genesis of Science, James Hannam

Everyday Karma, Carmen Harra

Savage Empire, Jean Lorrah

The Charlestown Connection, Tom MacDonald

Identity: Lost, Pascal Marco

The Masked Woman, Johnston McCulley

Don’t Be Such a Scientist, Randy Olson

Before Sunrise, John Prescott

The Vondish Ambassador, Lawrence Watt-Evans

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