Some new highlights to share

To our ever-growing number of ACX users: here’s our latest news.

We’re thrilled to have achieved the milestone of over 100 titles with offers on ACX. This means that these titles were posted by a rights holder and then an offer was made by a narrator or producer to make the audiobook. It also means that ACX is working! We’re so happy that ACX is fostering these connections between rights holders and producers in order to get more audiobooks made. Though only a handful of ACX titles are already on sale (first title completed June 14), we have many more titles targeted for retail by the end of July.

Rights holders are continuing to post a variety of terrific titles on ACX. During the past week, we were delighted to welcome bestselling Vampire Journals novelist Morgan Rice as well as the complete Cheetah Girls franchise to the ACX fold. We also added over 40 titles from Regnery Publishing. Close to 100 new titles were posted in the past week alone.

Of course, we also continue to enhance and refine the ACX user experience. On that note, we hope you like the new look of our blog! Please keep the feedback and comments–as well as your audio rights–coming!

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