How to Promote Your ACX Audiobook: One Author’s Plan

At ACX, we’re all about author empowerment. We consider ACX users and rights holders trailblazers who are helping to drive their own sales and helping to build a bigger customer base for audiobooks, which is good for everyone. So we’re delighted to be able to share some specifics on what one ACX author, Matthew Laube, has planned for the promotion of the audio version of his book, Ancient Awakening. Laube is a veteran of print and ebook promotion, but this is his first audiobook. Below is his initial promotional blueprint:

1. Laube has an ad running on Kindle Nation, one of the largest Kindle fan sites, for both the ebook and the audiobook. The ad includes an email blast to all its subscribers.

2. Laube will run ads on, where he’s had good success advertising his ebook, linking to the audiobook.

3. Laube has a press release planned for the day of the audiobook release. Press releases are free and, if you’re lucky, can generate a lot of attention.

4. Laube will update his own site with the official audio sample, and include links to

5. BJ Harrison, the book’s narrator, comes with a major following of his own through his classic tales series on iTunes; Harrison will be sending an email about Ancient Awakening to all 15,000 of his subscribers.

6. Twitter and Facebook are cheap and effective ways to get the word out.

Laube will also be promoting the audiobook in person at New York Comic Con as well as several horror trade shows in October. He’s also planning to do giveaways, which he’s found a really useful promotional tool for ebooks.

If other authors or narrators have other methods of promotion they’ve found especially effective, ACX would love to hear about them!

4 responses to “How to Promote Your ACX Audiobook: One Author’s Plan

  1. I’m interested in this because I help indie and self-published with promotion. I wanted to ask: Was Mr. Laube’s promotion plan a success? What did he learn about audiobook promotion (as opposed to other books)?

  2. I’m just now reading this post, so forgive the late comment. I’m curious as to how an author can giveaway their audiobooks for promotion. Does an author have to gift them through Audible/Amazon? If we have to purchase them is there a way of buying them at cost so at least the voice talent and/or ACX will get their cut of the profits? Thank you!

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