Digital Book World covers ACX

We wanted to alert you about some good coverage for ACX in an article in Digital Book World about Audible and the overall audiobook marketplace.   Check it out here.

The section about ACX is pasted below; it really provides a good summary of what ACX is all about:

“ACX is a marketplace that connects audio rights holders and audio producers. But it’s not just a rights bazaar—it’s a full online production platform that connects remote professionals, allowing them to negotiate upfront payment or royalty share partnerships. Aggressive escalator royalties and new customer bounties give publishers, authors, and producers plenty of incentive to promote their finished audiobook. With ACX marketplace connections and support, more authors will have their books produced, more studios will create audiobooks, and more recordings will be available to a growing audience.

With fewer first serial and book club deals, it’s harder for writers to live on secondary rights. ACX gives entrepreneurial authors a platform to make sure their audio rights are generating revenue. We believe secondary rights to books are held in moral trust, and they are designed to be exploited rather than buried in file cabinets.

We want publishers and authors to unearth hundreds of rights, and we encourage authors to revert unused audio rights so they can post those rights on ACX. Building the overall market of audiobook listeners will benefit everyone—authors, agents, publishers, and book lovers of all stripes.”

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