Please bear with us…

It’s exciting — and challenging — to contemplate how much we want to do and how fast we have to do it.  ACX rolls out changes and new features in two-week sprints. In our “spare” moments around the conference table, we remind ourselves of these inspirational examples of product development:  the first home video games were Space Invaders and Pong, but now we have Xbox and Wii, the first Kindle (just three years ago!) had a foil strip on the side to show status, the first MP3 player (ours!) looked like a mitten and took by today’s standards a long time to download a single audiobook, etc.  Heck, when the iPhone came out, it didn’t have apps and it couldn’t even cut and paste.  And look at them now!  So, please have faith that ACX is improving all the time.  Thanks for being an early adopter.  Stay tuned.  Now… back to our to-do list!

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