Award-winning authors on ACX

Historically, publishers have been very selective in taking books to audio because of high production, manufacturing and distribution costs. It’s surprising, but despite all the efforts of mainstream publishers, only 5% of professionally published, narrative books are produced in audio–nevermind all the great backlist titles that remain unavailable in audio format.

As a result, many authors never reach the audio market. ACX exists to change all that. Some of the amazing authors and titles now on ACX include:

John Burnside’s The Devil’s Footprints, shortlisted for the James Tait Black Memorial Prize

Pulitzer prize winner Philip Caputo’s brilliant novel Acts of Faith

PEN/Faulkner finalist and National Book Award nominee Mary Gaitskill’s collection Don’t Cry

Pulitzer prize nominee and sportswriter Dave Kindred’s Morning Miracle: Inside the Washington Post

Winner of the 1955 Nobel Prize for Literature, Icelandic writer Halldor Laxness’s novel Under the Glacier

Somerset Maugham Award winner Helen Oyeyemi’s celebrated first novel, The Icarus Girl, written before her nineteenth birthday

We also have Los Angeles Times op-ed columnist Meghan Daum’s Life Would Be Perfect if I Lived in that House; literary legend Jason Epstein’s memoir, Eating; two thrillers by New York Times bestselling novelist Allison Brennan; Indian actress and award winning food writer Madhur Jaffrey’s memoir; novels by Tova Mirvis and Ted Mooney; a legal thriller by Justin Peacock, and even some Nordic crime fiction for good measure–Leif GW Persson’s Between Summer’s Longing and Winter’s End.

Can you believe these titles aren’t in audio yet? Neither can we!

The majority of these titles below are offered as Pay for Production deals.  So if you’re a Producer on ACX, why not audition today?

The Devil’s Footprints, John Burnside

Acts of Faith, Philip Caputo

Life Would Be Perfect if I Lived in that House, Meghan Daum

Eating, Jason Epstein

Don’t Cry, Mary Gaitskill

Killing Fear, Allison Brennan

Speak No Evil, Allison Brennan

Climbing the Mango Trees: A Memoir of Childhood in India, Madhur Jaffrey

Morning Miracle: Inside the Washington Post, Dave Kindred

Under the Glacier, Halldor Laxness

The Outside World, Tova Mirvis

The Same River Twice, Ted Mooney

The Icarus Girl, Helen Oyeyemi

Blind Man’s Alley, Justin Peacock

Between Summer’s Longing and Winter’s End: The Story of a Crime, Leif GW Persson

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