More great response to ACX

We’re delighted to share more great feedback from ACX’s first week, and excited to show even more authors, agents and publishers how ACX can help them next week at BEA. We already have more than 1,100 titles posted, and over 700 auditions delivered to those posted titles.  Furthermore, a number of great audiobooks have begun production.  Please get in touch if you’re interested or if we can help answer a question.

“Nothing but positive thoughts regarding ACX. It’s extremely well thought out. A truly innovative and exciting project.” –Donald Maass, Donald Maass Literary Agency

“It feels like a win-win situation. Unexploited audio rights are a major frustration for authors (and agents), and this is a low-cost/no-cost option to put them into play. I’m excited about the possibilities. I know the more well-known authors will be the first to benefit, but it sounds like there will be great opportunities for authors at every level.” –Laurie Abkemeier, DeFiore & Co.

“It was a tremendous presentation. We’re eager to get started with ACX.” –John Oakes, OR Books

“Anyone expending creative power to imagine new forms of publishing must be applauded.” –Teresa Carpenter, Pulitzer prize-winning author of Missing Beauty

“I’m amazed by all the possibilities of ACX.” –Eleanor Wood, Spectrum Literary Agency

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